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Coconut is the main livelihood support of farmers of Kozhikode district. It is cultivated in an area of 1.25 lakh Ha. of land as a pure crop. Earlier the farmers have practiced intercropping and mixed cropping along with dairy. But due to socio-economic problems the farmers have changed their attitude to grow coconut as a pure  crop. Due to the high labour cost prevailing in the area, various pests and diseases and scattered land holding not much care and management are given to coconut palms. Since the main source of income of the farmers is coconut cultivation, any reduction in the production of the coconut or the price of coconut directly affects the living standard of the farmers.


By adopting better management practices, intercropping and mixed farming coconut cultivation in the area can be improved  and per capita income got enhanced. The attitude of common farmers can be changed by intervention of the three tier Panchayath Raj Institutions and other agencies like Coconut Development Board, Department of Agriculture and Financial institutions. Hence this novel integrated project, being the first in the state of Kerala, is proposed to be implemented with the financial  assistance from the Kozhikode District-Co-operative Bank for the improvement of coconut cultivation on a ‘Cluster’ based approach with a view of upliftment of farming community.



  • To increase the production of coconut by adopting better management practices.
  • To reduce the cost of cultivation and to generate additional income through intercropping and mixed farming.
  • To improve the yield of coconut and intercrops by providing adequate irrigation facilities.
  • To promote production, processing, storage and marketing of agricultural produce directly to the consumers by which the intermediaries can be wiped off from the marketing channel.
  • To ensure adequate supply of planting materials and to popularize newly released high yielding varieties of coconut and other crops by starting a nursery in the area.To help to fetch higher price for coconut by providing facilities for value addition of coconut by establishing a copra-processing unit.
  • To increase bargaining power of farmers by establishing a common collection center for coconut and other farm produces facilitating collective marketing.
  • To establish Dairy and Poultry units in the area for better earnings and to provide quality organic manures from these units. Organically produced good quality eggs, meat and milk to the common people of the area at reasonable price can also be provided.
  • By implementing all the production components, productivity can be boosted to its maximum from a unit area.


Major components of the Projects

  1. Production and decease management of coconut.
  2. Irrigation
  3. Copra processing
  4. Common collection centre
  5. Dairy unit
  6. Poultry unit
  7. Multiplication of planting materials
  8. Intercropping

Additional components can also be incorporated as per local needs according to technical feasibility, economic viability and availability of funds.


The estimated project cost is Rs. 14 lakhs per Cluster.

 Mode of Implementation

In each Panchayath a compact area of 25 Ha. of land has to be selected by the Agricultural Officer in consultation with Grama, Block and Jilla Panchayath. Area should have immense water availability to establish an irrigation system. The beneficiaries should be ready to work in a self help group manner and avail loan from the nearby branch of KDC Bank. The entire farmers of the project area should be brought under the cluster. They should donate space for copra processing, irrigation system, dairy, poultry, common collection centre and multiplication of planting materials. The newly developed infrastructure will be a common asset for 10 years or till all dues are cleared. After that this will be handed over to the plot owner based on the common decision of the cluster.


For implementing the project, Agricultural Officer of the concerned Krishi Bhavan should form an ideal ‘Cluster’ in consultation with Grama. Block and Jilla Panchayath. After forming the Cluster, a detailed project should be prepared based on the discussion and suggestions of the Cluster and submitted to the Bank for sanction of loan. As soon as the loan sanctioned the subsidy amount will be passed to the Bank. The utilization of the above subsidy and the progress of the implementation will be closely watched by the monitoring committee constituted at Grama, Block and Jilla Panchayath levels.


100% of the project cost (Rs. 14 lakhs) will be disbursed as loan from the Bank at a nominal rate of interest. The subsidy amount of 50% of the project cost released by the District Panchayath will be credited to the beneficiary’s account as per the rules.


The entire 25 Ha. of land will be considered as a single unit in production, processing etc., and operations will be taken up collectively by the members of the group. In every 15 days Cluster committee will be convened by Agrl. Officer and the progress should be evaluated and communicated to the Bank and other implementing agencies.



So far 42 Clusters have been financed in the following panchayaths of Kozhikode District under Integrated coconut development scheme.

  • Arikkulam   
  • Edacherry    
  • Balussery    
  • Moodadi    
  • Eramala    
  • Nanminda    
  • Chemancherry
  •  Mavoor  
  • Narippatta   
  • Chengottukave   
  • Peruvayal  
  • Kunnummal    
  • Kuttiadi
  • Thiruvallur   
  • Beypore   
  • Velom    
  • Villiapally   
  • Karassery 
  • Kaykkodi   
  • Maniyoor
  •  Nadapuram   
  • Maruthonkara  
  • Kunnamangalam  
  • Ulliyeri   
  • Kavilumpara
  •  Ramanattukara  
  • Thalakulathur  
  • Unnikulam  
  • Elathur  
  • Chathamangalam
  • Kottur   Purameri  Kodanchery  Narikkuni

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