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Young Champion Scheme

Project Young Champions campaign – A Joint Initiative of NPCI and NABARD

As an ambitious goal of touching every Indian by the year 2020 NPCI is conducting project young champion campaign. The emerging population within the age group of 10-18 years is an important segment which is unbanked and can be tapped at a young age for deposits mobilization as well as to catch the customer young and be competitive in the market. Given the importance of this young segment NPCI intend to launch a massive Junior Accounts Opening Campaign titled Project Young Champions. It would also be a great attempt in spreading awareness of savings and payment instruments like RuPay Junior Cards. Project period from 20th of August 2016 through 14th Nov 2016.

            NPCI in collaboration with NABARD celebrated the “World Literacy Day” on September 8th 2016 through a massive campaign of opening account for minors. KDC Bank also participated in this program and conducted campaigns at 59 schools this day

Activities Required:

1.Identification of Schools near to Bank Branches.

2. Preparing a list of students whose accounts are to be opened.

3.  Collecting KYC of the students.

4. Continuation of Junior Account opening during the period of 20th August to 14th November 2016 among other branches and schools.

5. Conducting a Literacy Camp in ONE School and Opening of Accounts on 8th September 2016 The RuPay Junior Card Issuance Day – 14th November 2016 at the school.

NPCI Support to Banks:

1.      Participation and Appreciation Certificate from NPCI to the Chairman of all participating banks.

2.      Top Branch Managers who have opened maximum number of accounts to be rewarded.

a.       800 Branch Managers will get this reward.

3.      Top Schools who have participated to be given a reward for support of the School

a.       100 Schools will get this reward.

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