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Current Account

Current accounts are opened with sums of Rs.250.00 and upwards. A credit balance of at least Rs.250.00 should always be maintained in an account. Cooperative societies are permitted to run Current Accounts with a minimum balance of Rs.1,000.00

Accounts may be opened in the name of two persons with the right to operate upon by either or survivor or both. No account will be opened in the name of more than two persons unless they form a corporation.

When accounts are opened in the name of firms, institutions, associations, societies and companies, the rules or regulations governing them should be furnished when opening the account and also the modifications or alterations thereof, if any, communicated to the bank from time to time.

Pass Books, and pay-in-slips are issued free of cost.

The constituents must use only the cheque forms supplied by the bank for operating upon their current accounts. No other forms will be recognized.

Applications for cheque books must ordinarily be made by the constituents in the prescribed forms supplied with each book.

Notice of stop-cheques will be recorded, but the bank does not accept any responsibility in case such instructions are overlooked.

Constituents are requested to keep cheque books under lock and key. The bank does not hold itself responsible in any way for any unauthorized payment resulting from negligence on the part of the customers in the safe keeping of the cheque book.

News & Events

KDC Mobile Banking Application is now available in Apple platform
FIxed Deposit Interest rate has been changed
KDC Bank RuPay Cards- Get Accidental insurance cover and many more offers
IFS Codes of bank/branches has changed
KDC Bank Received the NABARD AWARD for the best financial perfomance and initiative under Developmental field during the year 2015-16
KDCB Bank got Special Recognition award in DCCB Category in Banking Frontiers Awards
Bank will not ask your ATM Card Number and Secret PIN in any case. beware of such frauds
RTGS/NEFT Facility is absolutely FREE at Our Bank without any limit.
NRE account facility is available at all branches of KDC Bank. Fix an appointment with our branch at your convenience..
Customers can now easily change their existing bank to our bank for AADHAAR Linking. Submit the Mandate Form to our branch immediately
All type Scholarship Schemes for School going students can be availed through their KDC Bank accounts,
All our customers can now enjoy the facility of DBT and All AADHAAR based payments. Link your AADHAAR Number immediately
KDCB RuPay Debit cum ATM Card is acceptable in ATMs/Retail Outlets/PoS all over India. Enjoy the convenience of Cashless Shopping Conact KDC Bank Branch for your ATM card
Unclaimed deposits Transferred to RBI - DEAF(Depositor Education and Awareness Fund Scheme)-2014 for more details see link Downloads
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