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The Kozhikode District Co-operative  Bank Ltd., (erstwhile Malabar Co-op Central Bank Ltd., - known as  MCC Bank) was registered and started functioning on 03.12.1917.
In the beginning, the name of the Bank was Malabar District Co-operative Bank Ltd., registered under Section 9 of Act II of 1912(India). Initially, the area of operation of the Bank was extended to the whole of the former Malabar District of the Madras State.
With the reorganization of Indian States, the state of Kerala came into existence in 1956 by combining Travancore, Cochin, Malabar and Kasaragod Taluk in South Canara. At the time of formation of Kerala State, there was  only one Co-operative Central bank. The membership of the Bank transferred from Madras State Co-op Bank to Kerala State Co-op Bank. In the year 1958 name of the Bank changed as Malabar Co-operative Central Bank Ltd.,
After the formation of Kerala State, Malabar District was divided into three revenue districts viz., Kozhikode, Kannur and Palakad. Separate Central Co-operative Banks for these districts were formed with effect from 01.07.1963. The Bank was again divided into three and the Malabar Co-operative Central Bank’s area of operation has been confined to the whole area of Kozhikode revenue district. Thereafter Malappuram and Wynad revenue Districts and respective District Co-operative bank were also formed. Thus the old Malabar district was divided into five revenue districts and separate District Co-operative banks were formed for the newly formed districts, thus confining the area of  operation of the Bank to  the whole area of Kozhikode revenue district comprising of Kozhikode, Koyilandy and Vatakara Taluks.
In 1985 the Bye-laws of the Bank was amended and  Malabar Co-operative Central Bank Ltd., was renamed as Kozhikode District Co-operative Bank Ltd., No. F-1635.

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